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If you are serious about using the web to its full potential you need to know as much as possible about your customers and visitors to your web site.

We offer what we believe is the best website analysis solution available.
Statistics Server Matrix Stats works in real-time which means you get the vital web statistics, site usage analysis and marketing reports you need about your website as it happens.

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Stats offer you the following features:-

Gather vital marketing information about your site and your customers.
Track site usage growth in relation to site history.
Learn what your visitors find interesting about your site.
Monitor how online promotions affect your web site.
Monitor which search engines are working best for you.
Monitor which keywords people use to find your web site.
Easy to use administration interface.  

Why many Industry Professionals Depend on Statistics Server Matrix stats!
On the Internet websites that enjoy high repeat-traffic and prosper are those that analyse site usage in order to understand the user experience; who their users are, what they do when they visit, when in the day or week they visit most often, where in the world they come from and who refers them to the website.
This ongoing analysis process leads to targeting marketing efforts in order to attract users to the website; then tweaking content and site design to retain user attention once they are on the website, after all in web space the competition is only a click away.

If you are serious about your on-line site comprehensive site statistics are essential in the marketing and maintenance of your web site. They give you an invaluable insight into what your visitors find interesting about your site, and where your visitors are coming from.

If your Hosting package does not include the Matrix stats package it can be installed on your Virtual Server for only 25 per year.



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Matrix Stats provide you with the information you need about your online visitors.

Monitor online promotions and how they affect your web site.