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1st for Web Hosting offer Virtual web hosting solutions only. If you require your own dedicated server, please try one of the companies below.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is when you rent an entire web server from a web host. This gives you a large volume of storage space to meet your web site’s needs and growth. With dedicated hosting you receive a high level of security, server management and technical support.

Dedicated server plans are recommended for business organization that maintain a large web site, more than several web sites or ones that require special software support. Before, selecting a dedicated server plan, consider whether you have the expertise and resources to operate and maintain a remote server.

Do I need a Dedicated server?

For all but the most demanding web application we can provide a virtual hosting account that will neet your needs. If you require untimate reliability we can host your website on multiple web servers, ensuring it is super-fast and always available. The unique design keeps your site on-line all the time - always fully operational, even in the event of a server failure.




Latest Technologies

We make use of the latest Internet technologies to put you in control.

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