Network Infrastructure :

Internal Network
The servers are connected to an internal network which is running at 100 Mb/s with a fiber backbone connection, using the latest Intel and Cisco switching equipment and routers.

External Connectivity
We have a massive 400 Mb/s of Internet connectivity. This is provided by two companies, Telewest and Cable & Wireless, reducing risk to you, in the unlikely event that either should experience network problems.

The two lines are routed separately into the building for extra reliability. What’s more, our bandwidth can burst up to more than 1GB/s instantly at the flick of a switch, ensuring we can grow with customer needs.

The Microsoft Windows 2003 servers are achieving over 99.8% server uptime.

So if you want your web site on-line 24 hours a day 365 days a year contact us now.





Latest Technologies

We only use rack-optimised Dell servers. By standardising our technologies on these high-quality machines, we can raise our levels of expertise, keep a ready inventory of spares and be able to respond to faults quickly.