Search Engines

There is little point in creating a well designed and functional web site, which is relevant to a target audience if they are unaware it exists, or how to find it.

Search Engines:

These are without doubt the most cost effective way of attracting visitors to your web site. Any one who advises you differently does not no what they are talking about!

Over 57% of Internet users search the web every Day.

Now with over 200 Million people on-line worldwide your potential market place is massive.

In a recent study by Forrester Research it was found that search engines remain the leading way users in the United Kingdom find websites.

The UK Internet User Monitor survey found 81 percent of users said that search engines helped them find the websites they use, up from 67 percent in 1999.

Question: Which of the following has helped you find your way to the Websites you use?

Search engine67%81%14%
Links from other sites39%59%20%
Virtual marketing 28%56%28%
Online advertising 10%20%10%
Direct Mail 5%10%5%

Notes: This survey was conducted in May 2000. Multiple responses were allowed, which is why totals do not equal 100 percent.
The Forrester survey information did not say how many respondents were involved.

Search Engine submission: Automatic Vs Manual

In our experience the automatic site submission services you see offered on the web do not produce the same results as a well thought out manual submission.

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