Reseller: Web based

When you sign up to resell our hosting services, you have the option of selling on-line as well as off line.

Selling our services on line could not be simpler.

When you register you will be given details of how to access our online reseller resources. These will enable you to simply cut and past pre witten code into your site, which will allow both you and us to track visitors from your web site to ours.

Even if the visitors from your site do not make a purchase straight away you will still be able to get your commission. Our system will track these referral's for 90 days, and as long as they make a purchase within this time you will be credited with your commission. You will also be able to log onto the web and view your referral's and sales in real time, and watch your commissions grow.

We also provide you with marketing advice on how to increase your sales to improve your earnings.

The system is very easy to implement and use and above all its FREE. Sign up today and look forward to a bright future.

Make Money Now

Excellent Commissions paid for reselling our services.

Making money today.

FREE sign-up on-line and start making money from your web site.

New online tracking system allowing you to monitor your sales and commission payments in real time.