Reseller: Off-line

When you sign up to resell our hosting services, you have the option of selling on-line as well as off line.

Selling our services off line.

When you are selling our services off line you will be operating as an independent consultant.

All sales you refer will be credited to you and the appropriate commission's paid. You will be able to obtain sales and promotion literature from us, to aid your sales.

When signing customers up for hosting accounts you will not need to collect any money as this will be carried out by are accounts department at head office.

All sales you refer will carry your personal code number, to which your commission will be applied.

For selling domain names you will be given our secure order site where you will be able to search and reserve names for your customers, and you will be automatically credited with the sale.

If you do not have access to a computer you can call our sales team who will be happy to check on name availability for you.

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